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19th May 2011

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Say a prayer, Jeff Conaway’s Last phone call! Jeff is STILL not doing well. I phoned Vikki Lizzi (Jeff’s FORMER Manager & Girlfriend..listen to the VoiceMail he left me hours before this tragedy!)  and she said that Jeff is STILL in a coma, and she did not sound very hopeful that he would pull through. Conaway, may be BEST known for his role as “Kenickie” in the Feature Film “Grease”, he ALSO has a CD out called “Saints & Sinners” that he produced with Vikki Lizzi, and sold at the Autograph shows he would attend. Conaway was in the news recently as he got in a major shouting match on the floor room of “The Hollywood Show” (A popular Autograph Collectors Show in L.A.)..Also, at the recent “Wizard Con Autograph Show”, Jeff was so out of it he could not sign his name. Jeff is a GREAT guy, and we HOPE he pulls through. Attached are photo’s of his meltdown at “The Hollywood Show”, and an audio file that Jeff left me in V-Mail, HOURS before this sad sad event. Jeff WAS supposed to be on the “Neverhood Show” this month, and lord willing, I hope this does NOT turn into the same kind of thing that happened to Corey Haim, just DAYS before HE was to come on our show to talk about HIS new film, “American Sunset”. -Ethan Tudor W. Actor/Host of “The Neverhood Show” Also catch me on the HIT ABC/Warner Series “The Middle” 8pm Wed. Night’s on ABC

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